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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China's Tibet?

China’s Tibet! Huh! Beijing should first of all hire a western PR agent. Sounds pathetic and unconvincing, China’s Tibet. Sounds as if Tibet is an object or article that is invented and owned by China! It's like saying, USA's New York or Canada’s Quebec.

Smith needs to be appreciated for writing a book on Tibet-China crisis, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Beijing’s final goal for Tibet is to assimilate and sinicize it completely rather than giving it “autonomy”.

I don’t understand why we still cling to this illusion of securing “genuine autonomy” from the Chinese. Are our hopes based on a careful and objective analysis of China’s political and strategic considerations or are we playing into the hands of China's tactics of "buying time"? Or worse, are there some vested interests involved in pursuing “dialogue and negotiations”? I hope and pray that my doubts and cynicism are nothing but doubts and cynicism.

In dealing with the Chinese, we must ensure that Tibet’s vital interests are secured, no matter whatever heavy price we need to pay for it. Therefore the first step that we need to take is this: openly acknowledge and declare that talks with Beijing have not yielded anything for Tibet. Instead these talks have further tightened the noose on us to strive for our legitimate right to seek freedom and justice.

It's still not too late for Tibet. The most important thing is that we should not give up our struggle; our brothers and sisters in Tibet have not given up. Tibet can be resurrected. The other countries have done it. So why can’t we do it? We can do it. Former Soviet Republics, Balkan States, East Timor have all done it. South Ossetia seems to be doing it at the moment. Tibet could be the next, if only we believe in ourselves and not succumb to pressures from outside…

Always remember empires, even the mightiest of ones like that of Rome, fall and disintegrates. China is no exception!

--Tenzin Nyinjey

(The above write up was written after reading Jamyang Norbu's review of China's Tibet? Autonomy or Assimilation, authored by Dr. Warren Smith).

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