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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A"very Public" personal diary

This is my “very public” personal diary.

A mind of a person works in a very funny way. It wants to hide its feelings from the whole world but it also looks for acceptance from fellow beings as well. It wants assurances that what he or she is feeling is not a lone case but there are others as well who feel the same.You want to be sure that you are not alone in this wide world. Man is really a social being,he can never dwell in solitary. Even those who are self proclaimed loners cannot stay away from people for long.

Its so funny how one can feel so alone in a very crowded place like a hospital. I visited the hospital to get my medical fitness certificate. I was glad I was not sick . To be sick is the worst thing in the world…never will you feel more alone in this world!! I looked around the waiting lounge and saw various stages of the human life. The baby that has just entered this world…so joyfully ignorant of this puzzle called Life…so peacefully asleep in its mother’s lap…peaceful and protected only for now!!The young man eaten away by his disease…his dreams and hopes from his life …put on the back burner for he had yet to cheat death to resume what’s left of his life. The old couple without any help in sight…the children who would have been their walking sticks when they couldn’t walk any longer no longer by their side.Having long forsaken them for a better and an easier life for themselves..never realizing it is a life his parents have provided him with.

It’s not a good sight to view the harsh realities of life with your own eyes. But life will not always be a bed of roses. If I want the roses I also must accept the thorns which comes with it whether I want it or not! I have had my share of thorns in my life…that’s why I respect life and happiness so much. I never take them for granted because I know when there’s happiness there’s bound to be unhappiness just round the corner and when there’s life …there’s death also!!!

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